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Attracting Millennial Tenants

Trendy, social dependent, tech-savvy, eclectic collectors between the ages of 20 and 34 years old are the Millennial generation, and many are going to Nashville. In fact, Nashville is among the top cities in the country to attract millennials. Between 2007 and 2012 this demographic of young adults grew in Nashville by 13.1% and still climbs today. So how do you attract these Millennials to your property? Do you know how? We have some tips to tap into this unique and profitable demographic.

Rent vs. Sell Your Property
If you’re on the fence on whether to rent or sell your property, you’ll want to at least provide a rental option if you’re trying to attract Millennials. This is a demographic that’s always on the go and unlikely to settle and commit to one place. Millennials like options and providing a rental option will get their attention.

Develop A Web Presence
Millennials are tech-savvy and rely on internet sources for most of their information. Develop a website, Facebook Page, Twitter to feature your property. This demographic will scour the internet for information before they resort to making a call so your internet presence is essential to attract this demographic.

Alternative Transportation Options
Near a bike trail? Bus route? Millennials appreciate alternative means of transportation, make sure you let them know those routes are close by.

Eco Friendly Practices
Keep millennials interested by showcasing your green efforts within your properties. Try updating to energy-efficient light bulbs, providing recycling services, or upgrading to green appliances to save energy and water. Having a website to post newsletters or other important information is also a good way to save paper too.

Many millennials appreciate outside space as much as inside space. If you have the means to provide a patio space, yard, or to landscape a community area for picnics or a community garden, millennials will flock with their mason jar drinks in hand.

Additionally, creating a good community area is also a great way to foster Millennials social tendencies. Give them a good space to meet with friends for social gatherings and they will stay with your property for years.

Call the Pros
Property Management Pros in Nashville can help too! Call us today at 866-535-9956 and we will help you manage your property and tap into the millennial demographic with ease!

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