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Turn Your Home for Sale into a Rental Property!

Turn Your Home for Sale into a Rental Property!

By: Nashville Property Management Pros

Do you have a house in Nashville that you are trying to sell? Why not turn it into a rental home? If you are moving out of your Nashville home and looking to make some extra income, turning your home into a rental property is a great opportunity! Property Management Pros in Nashville, Tennessee, are experts in residential property management! We can help you turn your home into a rental property and give you all the tools you need to earn the highest income possible from your home! We focus our advertising and technology talents into marketing your home to a wider range of quality renters. We carefully screen all prospects, including running a background check, and checking their rental and credit history. Once we have thoroughly screened and approved a tenant, we submit them to you for final approval before placing them in your home. We take care of the paperwork, the collection of payments and fees, and any maintenance issues or concerns, all you have to do is receive your monthly proceed check! Yep, it is that easy! To get started, just give us a call at 1-866-535-9956 or visit our website: and we will start getting you all set up today!

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